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We are a Portuguese company located south of Porto, focusing on CAM special cutting services for Automotive OEM's, able to develop CAD parts. With an installed plant of 600m2, we are specialized on seat covers, door panels, and costumer dedicated projects. We are also equipped with automatic cutting systems containing material recognition options, used to produce rapport and motif foam materials. 

Our CAM’s are prepared to cut all kind of materials and are equipped with vision systems, interconnected with a dedicated software for part repositioning cutting, checking the parts and automatically adjusting the position according to the material behavior.

The CNC cutters are equipped with a 1.5x5mm vibrating knife, providing accuracies of 0.5mm. CNC cutting systems comprehend widths of 2200mm, and the secondary tools available range from drills with all diameters to plotting options (used in nautical applications and special needs for the footwear market).

Our laser department has cutting perform services, whose width capacity of raw material roll is up to 1.90, with max laser power of 120 watts and up to 8mm thickness. 

Our Quality Department is equipped with an automatic photographic inspection system that help us to check the cut parts, programmed to take into account any material deviations, notch positions, distances, rapport behavior, etc, that can identify a OK or NOK part on 500ms (based on tolerances agreed).

All this experience and know-how in the automotive sector allows us to carry out projects in the nautical, aeronautical and textile sectors (value-added fabrics and technical textiles).

Based on the installed layout we are able to achieve 80.000 parts/week, based on a study on a single ply cutting of automotive material with the automatic parts’ repositioning and viewing system. We're currently working on the projects for VW, Skoda and Audi car seats, and prototyping in special applications for the train and aerospace sectors.


Automatic cutting systems and material recognition devices

CAM systems

Drill and Plotting Systems

CNC cutters

CAD capability to import all file formats on the market and to develop 2D

3D development capability

Laser cutting systems



Rua da Madeira, Nº270-A
Z.I. 1 3700-176 São João da Madeira


Landline: (+351) 256 028 748
Mobile: (+351) 917 005 587
Email: info@inacorte.pt

We would be delighted to schedule a meeting with you, so we could discuss future cooperation possibilities and assess your needs and ideas.